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Our vision is to support and expand the practice of integrative/functional medicine throughout the Carolinas (and beyond!)

Our History & Mission

Founded in 2003, our non-profit 501(c) (6) membership society began at a time when integrative medicine was less widely accepted by the mainstream medical community. Our founders and original members were pioneers of the practice of medicine that so many patients now seek – holistic, patient-centered, least invasive and root-cause approaches to treatment. Early efforts of NCIMS brought together and rallied like-minded professionals to support and protect practitioner members through legislative advocacy, in addition to offering educational programs.


To support its mission today, NCIMS hosts high quality, in-person, practitioner education events in North Carolina. These learning events are renowned for camaraderie inspiration and fun that offer evidence-based programs to deepen your effective practice of functional/integrative medicine.

As the medical landscape has evolved, NCIMS now offers clinical and practice-enhancing programs for a wide variety of integrative and functional medicine practitioners: the Southeast Regional Integrative Medical Conference, which includes CME and continuing education for other practitioners, and two one-day Grand Rounds events per year.

Who We Serve

Integrative and functional medicine has broadened in scope over the past decade, and therefore so has our member base! Once almost exclusively comprised of MDs, our members now encompass MDs, NDs, DCs, NPs, DOs, PAs, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, acupuncturists, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers and health coaches.

While over half of our members are physicians, we welcome all practitioners either already practicing functional medicine or who are new to this approach to care. 

Since NCIMS is a professional membership organization, we only offer practitioner, and NEW this year, Future Practitioner memberships, designed just for full-time students interested in a new career in integrative medicine!

If you are seeking a practitioner, you may search our Member Directory here. *Please note that NCIMS is unable to recommend one or more of the practitioners on its membership list, nor may we offer medical advice. Please verify credentials and inquire with the practitioner and/or their accrediting bodies (e.g. licensing boards) at your discretion.

Who Should Join

The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) is a non-profit membership society for functional/integrative medicine practitioners committed to offering safe and effective patient-centered care.

We offer clinically-based educational Grand Rounds events and an annual accredited CME conference to help you further your practice and help you and your patients thrive!

NCIMS is dedicated to serving you, the healthcare providers striving to work in partnership with your patients to address myriad root causes of health conditions to alleviate symptoms, decrease risk of future chronic disease, and restore wellness through functional/integrative medicine approaches.

Join us to help transform the future of medicine!

“NCIMS lets me be part of a group that cares”

NCIMS lets me be part of a group that cares about the patient, treats each patient as a unique individual, and will utilize functional/ integrative medicine and techniques to help our patients. Membership gives me support from like-minded colleagues. This organization fights for us to have the freedom to treat patients naturally and effectively.

- Bob Patterson, MD

“I especially enjoy the annual conferences”

I especially enjoy the annual conferences in Asheville, and as a member, I love having many opportunities to learn as well as network through NCIMS events.

- Karen Saylor, FNP

“The best part of being a member are the extended”

The best part of being a member are the extended resources from multiple specialties, as many of the speakers at the conferences become some of these resources. The experts that present at the conferences are the best in the Integrative space. Holding these conferences in North Carolina makes it very convenient to attend the events locally.

- John Woodward, MD

Join a Community of Like-minded Practitioners to

Help Transform the Future of Medicine

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