fbpx JJ Skyler, MA Executive Director at North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS)

JJ Skyler, MA

Graduated from George Mason University with a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior & Nonprofit Management in pursuit of a passion to serve others through alternative health-related nonprofits. After being a corporate trainer, she sought her first nonprofit role with the National Center for Homeopathy, where she organized national conferences and built corporate partnerships. From there, she worked with the Arthritis Foundation for nearly ten years, first as a state chapter Vice President of Programs, then as a Regional Vice President in charge of corporate partnerships and fundraising teams between Maryland and South Carolina. Additionally, JJ spent over seven years in healthcare sales and community education. 

Her interest in integrative health has been lifelong, and she loves supporting the growth of NCIMS through quality education like its annual conference and Grand Rounds events. She also speaks and coaches on sacred self care and mindfulness practices through her company, Sacred Fire Journeywork Studios. In her spare time, you’ll find JJ traveling in her RV, outdoors listening to live music, hiking with her dogs and friends, or kayaking.

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