fbpx Wendy Hagwood, PharmD Board Member at North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS)

Wendy Hagwood, PharmD

Wendy Hagwood, PharmD was born and raised just outside of Daytona Beach and is a proud Gator of the University of Florida, earning her Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She moved to North Carolina to attend Campbell University and earned her PharmD in 2005. Wendy now resides in Apex, living her high school dream of working in a compounding pharmacy. She engineers pharmacy compounds on a daily basis and loves to counsel patients and solve their often, complex problems in coordination with prescribers. On her off days she also works with ACHC to survey compounding pharmacies for accreditation. 

She spends her free time with her boyfriend Jim, their collective 3 kids, and their 2 dogs, Dexter & Brownie. On weekends you can usually find her camping, hiking, paddle-boarding, playing board games, and mentoring Girl Scouts.

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