June 14‑15, 2024


What is SYNERGY?


NICOLE DINEZZA DC NTP is the founder and lead instructor of FODMAP Freedom in 90 Days, a Youtuber, and one of the hosts of the IBS Freedom Podcast. In her practice, she helps people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), acid reflux, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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PATRICK HANAWAY, MD is a board-certified family physician who served on the Executive Committee for the American Board of Integrative Medicine and is Past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. For 24 years he was worked with his wife, Dr. Lisa Lichtig, in clinical practice in Asheville, NC.

After 10 years as Chief Medical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, Dr. Hanaway became the Chief Medical Education Officer for the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) where he oversaw the development and implementation of IFM’s programs worldwide. He has taught with IFM since 2005.  In 2014, Dr. Hanaway helped develop the collaboration between IFM and the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the founding Medical Director, then Research Director.  

Dr. Hanaway was initiated in 2009 as a Mara’akame [indigenous healer] by the Wixarika [Huichol] people of the Sierra Madres in Mexico. He is chairperson of the Blue Deer Center in upstate NY. Patrick holds community fires, leads ceremonies and pilgrimage to sacred sites, and offers traditional healing sessions ‘around the fire’. 

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RICHARD HOROWITZ MD has diagnosed and treated over 13,000 chronically ill individuals during the past 35 years of clinical practice. With expertise in lyme and related illnesses, we will do a deep dive from an integrative perspective where I will share clinical pearls over three days of talks, on the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic tick-borne illness. The functional medicine aspects of this 3-part intensive will also apply to a broad range of other chronic illnesses (CFS/ME, FM, Autoimmune disease, dementia). 

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CATHLEEN KING DPT is a physical therapist and neuroscience-based mind-body practitioner. Her professional focus is on chronic illness and trauma healing. She is the CEO and founder of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community, a rapidly growing worldwide platform helping others unlock their self-healing from Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Long-Haul Covid, Mold, MCAS, Autoimmune and more. Her online program combines brain retraining, vagus nerve toning, somatics, and trauma-informed practices.

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JEAN LAWRENCE CCN, MH, CFMP, ND, NMD, PhD, DACBN is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, has her PhD in Natural Medicine, and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.  She is a member of the Medical Advisory Board for FMU and is a past Executive Director of the ACBN.  She is a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of whole food nutrition, functional medicine, lab work, hormones, brain health, and autoimmune disease.  She has a virtual practice and presents many virtual events annually.

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DEB MATTHEW MD is an international speaker, best selling author and frequent media guest on radio, podcasts and over 100 TV appearances.  She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) and the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), and is an oral board examiner for the ABAARM. As an instructor and medical advisor for the BHRT Training Academy, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of practitioners in the field. Additionally, she leads a business mentorship program titled BHRT Practice Launch, guiding healthcare professionals in seamlessly integrating Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into their practices. Her practice, Signature Wellness, has 2 locations in the Charlotte area. 

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NATHAN MORRIS MD is a board certified family practice doctor who is also certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has practiced root-cause medicine for well over 15 years. Dr. Morris currently practices in Colorado Springs CO. where he has a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice, Good Medicine Colorado, which focuses on making the complex simple. Dr. Morris is also the Chief Medical Officer of Atrium Innovations Pro Brands as well as the CMO for Ravel Health, an online platform that connect patients with providers specializing in Lyme and chronic illness. Dr. Morris is also excited about the future of personalization through a co-developed platform, PureGenomics, and its evolution as it empowers patients to understand their uniqueness and strengths.

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SALLY K NORTON MPH is a nutritionist with a unique specialty— warning us that healthy eating can get us into trouble. Sally earned her nutrition degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree in public health from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is the author of the book “Toxic Superfoods” (January, 2023).

Sharing her own experience and extensive research on oxalates and our health has helped many people improve their health and recover from serious illnesses, chronic pain, kidney problems, osteopenia, neurological and immune disorders, and even chronic infections by making simple changes to their diet.

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JORDAN ROBERTSON BHSc. ND MSCP is a Naturopathic Doctor, NAMS certified Menopause Practitioner, clinic owner and the CEO of The Confident Clinician. Jordan has held teaching positions at McMaster University for 15 years focused on research, critical appraisal and communication and developed courses on integrative medicine and evidence based nutrition. She has spoken for McMaster University, University of Waterloo Pharmacy, The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and has hosted AANP certified CE courses on the Confident Clinician platform. As the CEO and founder of The Confident Clinician, she’s developed an integrative medicine database and practice support to save clinicians time and to support them with the standards of care of integrative medicine. She owns an 8-ND clinical practice in Ontario and is the off-site clinic for the Endometriosis clinic at McMaster University. 

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LORA SOLOMON FNP received her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in nursing from the University of North Carolina, is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and an IInstitute For Functional Medicine Certified Provider. 

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Lora Solomon’s scope of practice ranges from functional medicine, internal medicine, brain focused wellness and trauma focused psychedelic therapies. Lora discovered psychedelic therapies on her own journey of coping with the anxiety, depression, and PTSD that ensued from chronic exposure to domestic violence. She traveled the conventional road of treating symptoms only and experienced the side effects and frustration of that approach.

Lora is author of the book, Wounds to Wisdom, and has created courses to support those exploring the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Her passion is liberating patients from a dysfunctional health care system and pharmaceutical companies. 

TANIA DEMPSEY MD ABIHM is is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She received her MD degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and her BS degree from Cornell University. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency at New York University Medical Center.

In 2011, she founded her own integrative medicine practice which has evolved into AIM Center for Personalized Medicine, a destination Medical Center in Purchase, NY, focusing on complex, multi-system diseases. Dr. Dempsey is a leading expert in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Dysautonomia, ME/CFS, Vector-Borne Infections and Autoimmunity. She currently serves on the board of directors for the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).


NCIMS is excited to announce a special new partnership with ILADS – the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society!

Part of this partnership between our non-profit organizations includes a *NEW!* live, pre-conference workshop on Thursday!

ILADS Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals is a foundational 2-hour program leading up to the three part intensive with Dr. Horowitz, Diagnosing and Treating Acute and Diseases (one hour each on Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Earn up to 14 continuing education credits* attending these pre-conference sessions and the main Fri-Sat conference in beautiful Asheville!

*AMA PRA Category 1, CNE Nursing, Pharmacist, Chiropractic, and BCHN pending 

Topics Covered

Cell Danger Response

Virtual pre-conference exclusive on Tue 06.11 with Cathleen King DPT

Timing is everything when it comes to identifying the most effective treatment pathway for trauma. Learn how proper sequencing of practices such as brain retraining, vagus nerve toning, and somatics increase effective use of protocols. Navigate the intricate relationship between cell danger response and nervous system healing for optimal patient outcomes.

Diagnosing and Treating Acute and Chronic Lyme and Associated Diseases

Special 3-part workshop, begins Thursday afternoon 06.13 5:30pm

Get a comprehensive functional medicine approach to Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases through this rare 3-part workshop with Dr. Richard Horowitz. He will share how to diagnose, screen and treat using novel short term treatment protocols with “persister” drug regimens and teach the 16-point MSIDS map to identify and treat overlapping sources of inflammation and downstream chronic illness.

Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals

fundamentals pre-con workshop by international lyme & associated diseases (ILADS) on Thursday 06/13 3:00pm

This 2-hour program is a foundation for the more advanced topics presented by Dr. Richard Horowitz during his 3-part intensive. Explore signs and symptoms of Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and other vector-borne infections, acute and chronic management of these infections, the intersection of mast cell activation syndrome and vector-borne infections and how to diagnose and address MCAS in these patients, and case presentations. Gain critical skills and resources to diagnose and treat these illnesses.

Missing and Misunderstood Oxalate Toxicity

When patients consume what they understand to be healthy foods but then end up with oxalate exposure at toxic levels, it can be confusing and frustrating for patient and practitioner alike. Take the mystery out of oxalate toxicity! Gain insight into the how and why behind often misunderstood sources of oxalate exposure, and learn the latest evidence-based therapeutic recommendations of low oxalate diets as well as the need for supportive therapies.

Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

Have you encountered a “psychonaut” patient yet? These explorer patients may have you wondering about the therapeutic benefits and safety of psychedelics. Learn more about how non-ordinary states of consciousness can enhance healing, and become more confident in your ability to support patients who seek to explore the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Hear about current research in psychedelics that is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of mental illness, trauma, and addiction.

Busting Myths About Hormone Replacement

Learn what the latest data says about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy to ensure that patients get the most benefit with the least risk. We’ll cover special issues and considerations related to both men and women’s hormone health for optimal patient care.

Food of the Gods: Our Connection With the Natural World

Traverse the concepts of healing, medicine and relating with renowned physician Dr. Patrick Hanaway. Through his extensive studies as a traditional medicine initiate and shaman, Patrick will explore how our connection with the natural world offers us practical support to reveal the root causes of imbalance in diet, nutrition and more. “Traditional” medicine takes on a new (yet ancient) and practical meaning as an adjunct system to the functional medicine matrix.

Insulin Resistance. From Testing to Treatment. Where the Research Stands Now

Hear the newest research on assessing insulin resistance through blood work. This practical workshop will leave you with a protocol of nutritional supplements and a clear process to identify how to match patients with specific interventions to maximize outcomes.

Mast Cell Activation & the Root Cause Medicine Multiverse

Looking for straightforward treatment plans for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome  that focus on the basics of diet, stress, sleep, toxins and hormones for your complex patients? Learn about the numerous presentations of MCAS and work through a case study for a deeper understanding of this intricate syndrome that you’ll be able to implement on Monday morning!

SIBO Masterclass

Join North Carolina’s resident SIBO expert, Nicole DiNezza DC for this special SIBO masterclass! Identify lesser known root causes that contribute to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and learn how to design a root cause, multi-modality team approach to help patients conquer SIBO.

Interactive Case Challenges: Ultimate Synergy

More than a case study, this is a case challenge! Solve chronic disease cases from a functional medicine or root cause approach designed by your practitioner team, assigned a system of the body to serve the lens through which you’ll develop your root cause approach and protocols. Be a part of creating ultimate synergy to produce one multi-faceted, yet cohesive solution. These fun and speedy case-solving sessions are sure to illustrate the power of integrative medicine.

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