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NCIMS lets me be part of a group that cares about the patient, treats each patient as a unique individual, and will utilize functional/ integrative medicine and techniques to help our patients. Membership gives me support from like-minded colleagues. This organization fights for us to have the freedom to treat patients naturally and effectively.

– Bob Patterson, MD

I especially enjoy the annual conferences in Asheville, and as a member, I love having many opportunities to learn as well as network through NCIMS events.

– Karen Saylor, FNP

The best part of being a member are the extended resources from multiple specialties, as many of the speakers at the conferences become some of these resources. The experts that present at the conferences are the best in the Integrative space. Holding these conferences in North Carolina makes it very convenient to attend the events locally.

– John Woodward, MD

I’ve been very impressed with the annual regional conference – it’s well attended by most of the members and has grown significantly in the three years I’ve been a member. The board has done an amazing job of securing world-renowned speakers, just like those you would hear from at a national conference. And the wide variety of topics covered each year make each event valuable and unique from the previous.

– Nicole Bentivegna, NP

NCIMS has been a great resource for practitioners. When veering off from traditional medicine, it can get a bit lonely and scary. The NCIMS community not only has great conferences to further my education, but it is a very inviting group where people who share our love for promoting wellness gather and welcome one another. To be a part of a group where people share your approach to medicine and wellness is priceless.

– Ana-Marie Temple, MD

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