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Cast away the woes that come along with Spring allergies and more at a Grand Rounds you’ll want to attend! (FREE Early Bird for NCIMS Members)

Special presentations include:

  • Renowned researcher on Transdermal Allergy Immunotherapy, John Deese, DC
  • Long COVID 2024 update with Nikolas Hedberg, DC
  • PLUS, Founder of School of Applied Functional Medicine, Tracy Harrison, will speak on a gut health topic YOU choose!

Click below to take the Attendees’ Choice poll and learn more about our Saturday full of root cause solutions to help you this Spring.

As we explore the synergy of integrative medicine, this conference is for you, passionate practitioners committed to discovering new and proven methods of root cause medicine. 

2024 brings us:

  • the return of favorite speaker Patrick Hanaway, MD,
  • an exclusive 4-part series on Chronic & Acute Lyme
    with Richard Horowitz, MD
  • Sally Norton MPH teaching on oxalates
  • and other featured speakers on insulin resistance, SIBO, vagus nerve, and more

Whether your interest is in gut health, neuro, endocrine/immune…you know as a practitioner it’s all interconnected. That’s the beauty and power of integrative medicine! 

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This conference is designed for practitioners committed to discovering new and proven methods of root cause medicine.  Save the Date!

NCIMS returns to the eastern part of the state to for Grand Rounds in Wilmington! 


The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) is a non-profit membership society for functional/integrative medicine practitioners committed to offering safe and effective patient-centered care. Our mission is to offer clinically-based educational Grand Rounds events and an accredited continuing education annual conference to you as support to further your practice. NCIMS is dedicated to serving you, the healthcare providers striving to work in partnership with your patients to address myriad root causes of health conditions to alleviate symptoms, decrease risk of future chronic disease, and restore wellness through functional/integrative medicine approaches. Often it is through your efforts and expertise that patients experience restoration of wellness in a way that drugs and surgery cannot. 

NCIMS invites you to become part of its community of like-minded providers who share knowledge, experience, and best practices to support the practice of functional and integrative medicine. Please join us as we work together to transform the future of medicine!

“NCIMS lets me be part of a group that cares”

NCIMS lets me be part of a group that cares about the patient, treats each patient as a unique individual, and will utilize functional/ integrative medicine and techniques to help our patients. Membership gives me support from like-minded colleagues. This organization fights for us to have the freedom to treat patients naturally and effectively.

- Bob Patterson, MD

“I especially enjoy the annual conferences”

I especially enjoy the annual conferences in Asheville, and as a member, I love having many opportunities to learn as well as network through NCIMS events.

- Karen Saylor, FNP

“The best part of being a member are the extended”

The best part of being a member are the extended resources from multiple specialties, as many of the speakers at the conferences become some of these resources. The experts that present at the conferences are the best in the Integrative space. Holding these conferences in North Carolina makes it very convenient to attend the events locally.

- John Woodward, MD

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