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IMPACT Social Award Nominee: Sheila Kilbane

Sheila Kilbane

Sheila Kilbane Her commitment to publish her book Healthy Kids Happy Moms this year to reach as many families as possible in her mission to transform pediatric healthcare, empower families with a roadmap of integrative pediatrics and inspire other practitioners to embrace the challenge to ripple a functional medicine approach into the pediatric population. Her

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IMPACT Social Award Nominee: Deb Matthew

Deborah Matthew

Deborah Matthew So many reasons..it was a tough choice whether to nominate her for social or practical, as Deb is the reason I began my training in functional medicine, but when it comes down to it, her social impact continues on a daily basis with her regular news appearances, pearls of wisdom and videos on

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IMPACT Practical Award Nominee: Wiggy Saunders

Wiggy Saunders

Wiggy Saunders Stepped up during the so-called pandemic to follow the science and practice medicine in the best interest of his patience rather than being influenced by politics and fearmongering. Dr Saunders is a real gem, who practices medicine as it should be with the patient’s interest first!

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IMPACT Practical Award Nominee: Michael Burst

Michael Burst

Michael Burst Michael has been with us from almost the beginning almost like an invisible net connecting members through the high quality nutraceuticals he represents. A visit from Michael is always invigorating, entailing a candid discussion of the potential latest additions to the formulary. What a bedside manner!!! His ability to network and connect has

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IMPACT Innovation Award Nominee Cheri Granillo

Cheri Granillo

Cheri Granillo Cheri works with a research group exploring plant based nutrition and how it affects health and the gut Microbiome. Her goal is to act as a liaison between the researchers, the public and the practitioners. Her goal is to use nutrition as Medicine and prevention of disease. She is working to spread the

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IMPACT Citizenship Award Nominee: John Laird

John Laird

John Laird, MD I would like to nominate Dr. John Laird, for which ever transformation categories you think is appropriate. I personally think that he is eligible for several of the listed categories. Dr. Laird began his practice in 1979 in small community north of Asheville called Sandy Mush. He became interested in chelation therapy

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IMPACT Citizenship Award Nominee Megan Pasookhush

Megan Pasookhush

Megan Pasookhush, PharmD Megan has helped make early Covid treatment accessible when it would be otherwise hard to come by and shunned in some cases. She shared her knowledge, and her resources to compound life-saving medication and helped connect practitioners to this as well. She is quick and easy to work with. She is dedicated

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